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Nisha Patel

Drama 2019-2020

'The school placements are the most important thing about this course. The fact that we have so much time in the classroom is invaluable, and I would not be the teacher that I have become without the opportunity to teach this much'

'Thanks to the spectacular training and support I have received at BPSCITT I have a career path in front of me that I am eager and impatient to begin walking!'

'The reason that I decided I want to teach was to help young people realise their aspirations, get a good education and ensure they are safe and happy. BPSCITT ensure we are ready to do all these things and without the thorough training I received I would not be as aspirational within the teaching profession as I now am'

'I secured my NQT role very early in the course and chose a school in which I knew I could make a big difference to the lives of young people'