Trainees are based in school from day one, learning alongside their Mentor in the classroom. Professional Studies training takes place weekly throughout the year at our dedicated SCITT training centre in the heart of the Royal Latin School.


Sessions are delivered by an expert range of speakers every Wednesday and Thursday in the first half term, followed by every Wednesday for the remainder of the course.


Sessions include: Behaviour management, lesson planning, safeguarding, time management and legal obligations of the teacher. We also offer bespoke SEN training, planned in collaboration with National and Local experts.

Trainees have daily support from their Mentor, in addition, the Professional Tutor in school oversees their training needs and wider pastoral support. Every trainee is allocated a Quality Assurance Tutor who will visit them termly to monitor progress and ensure support is consistent and of the highest quality.

There are several routes that you can apply through.

- SCITT, non-salaried places (some subjects will have bursaries attached go to Bursaries. 

- School direct, salaried (this route is available to those who have at least three years work experience and some experience of working in a school) .

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